"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it"
Peter Drucker

- New Construction Prewire: With technology and entertainment services rapidly changing and evolving, a modern residences' wiring is more important than ever. We take on every new wiring project with a considerate eye to the home's inhabitants and the future of entertainment and services.

- Home CInema: From a modest system in the family room, to a dedicated screening room capable of surpassing the neighborhood cineplex in terms of fidelity and comfort, our years of experience combined with a global network of vendor providers will ensure that you will have the best seats in the house every night!

- Distributed Audio: iTunes on the patio? Pandora in the kitchen? ESPN radio in the den? Spotify in the bath? Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes! The media your family wants when and where they want it. Austin Cinema & Sound is deploying the most elegant intuitive and reliable distributed audio experiences in the industry.

- Network Deployment: Our clients don't remember the last time they had to reset their routers or tolerate spotty wi-fi in or around their homes. We can blanket a 2500 square foot home, a 50,000 square foot commercial facility, or a 500 acre ranch with seamless, secure, enterprise grade wireless connectivity.

- Two Channel Audio: Whether your music sits on a server or on shelves that probably aren't rated for all that vinyl we can help you unlock it and realize its true potential.

- Retrofit: Home is wherever you are, unfortunately it may not quite have the wiring to get the job done. We can help! By offering thoughtful solutions and a can do attitude we can help you achieve your goals for your homes entertainment and technology needs.

- Lighting Control: We can help minimize wall clutter, simplify your life, and reduce your energy usage with intelligent connected solutions for any budget.


- LED Lighting: Austin Cinema & Sound is leading the field with our expertise & proficiency in LED lighting. From small scale installations highlighting architectural details to entire indoor and outdoor retrofits. ALL of our LED solutions are Color Accurate, Dimmable, and rated for a 50,000+ hour lifespan. With commercial and residential solutions that exceed expectations let us show you what true 'Specification Grade' LED can do!