Our commitment.

- Paperless: From our quotes to system documentation we avoid generating paper waste wherever possible. 

- Recycling: All cardboard, paper packaging, and scrap copper from our projects is responsibly recycled.

- Electronics Recycling: Our preference is always to see working equipment and devices passed on to friends and family so they may continue to bring enjoyment and entertainment, but when good gadgets go bad, we see that they are disposed of responsibly.

- Minimalist Packaging: Whenever and wherever the option presents itself we order the products we sell in either environmentally sensitive or bulk packaging to minimize both waste and overall carbon footprint.

- Fuel Efficiency: Our service vehicles are some of the most fuel efficient available.

- Minimalist System Design: While most items in our industry that produce truly great audio and video rarely cross paths with an energy star, by selecting the appropriate devices for the system's and clients needs we can minimize the total current draw and in turn, its overall energy consumption.